The Role of Marketing in Website Redesign Projects

Sometimes you will get clients approaching you and asking you to redesign a website because it doesn’t bring enough customers. While it’s true that conversion optimization and user-friendly design do play a critical role in how a website is converting visitors into paying customers, sometimes business owners have completely unrealistic expectations from their websites. They think that once they have a website, they will get a flood of new custommarketing-color-colors-wheelers. They sometimes don’t realize that in order for this to happen, they need to spend a lot of time and effort marketing their website.

For this reason, you always want to have a conversation with your clients about how they plan to market their website. The last thing you want is a client who thinks that his or her new website will increase the number of customers in the business tenfold without any additional efforts or advertising and when it doesn’t, they’ll blame you, the web designer.

Start the conversation with discussing the current customers of the business. Define the target audience for the website. Ask the clients about how they plan to market and advertise their websites. If you get a blank stare or hear something about the website advertising itself, be prepared to have a conversation about the fact that a website will not magically start marketing itself without a plan and on a zero budget.

The Internet today has too many websites and too many organizations competing for attention for a site to stand out and attract customers on its own. This is why either you or a dedicated marketing person needs to sit down with the business owner and brainstorm marketing ideas. While some clients may not be tech-savvy enough to know how to promote their websites, they most often do know a lot about getting customers and keeping customers.