Promoting a Website or Apps Using Online Marketing

Online marketing refers to promoting a website or apps that you create with a platform like Aquro using web-based tools. Here are some ideas for online marketing campaigns:

Online content

Content-1024x683Every industry has websites that share informational content about the industry and run feature articles. Writing articles for such a website is a great way to position yourself as an expert and promote your own website. Subjects of articles that draw a lot of attention usually have to do with being able to tell professionals and experts from those who pretend to deliver great service, identifying what customers need and choosing a product or service that would satisfy those needs.

Online advertorials

Online advertorials are similar to advertorials in print magazines. These are the pages that look like informational pages, but in reality, they are advertising a product or a service.

Banner Ads

One of the best ways to use banner ads is to use them in combination with re-targeting. First get someone to click on an ad on your website, or your Facebook ad or your Google AdWords ad. Re-targeting platforms allow you to show advertising to someone who clicked on your ad previously and show this advertising on all kinds of websites across the Internet.

Paid search advertising

There are several ways to promote a website on search engines. One of them is search engine optimization, which is free. The drawback of this method is that optimizing your website for search engines and building authority may take a lot of time. Paid search engine advertising can happen much faster. You choose the keywords, you create the ads, you pay for your ads to show up in search results and you are in business.

Search engine optimization

When you type a keyword in a search engine, the engine runs its algorithms in order to find websites that will be relevant to you. Optimizing your website so that it shows up in search engine results is called search engine optimization.