Offline and Online Website Marketing Ideas

As ironic as it may sound, sometimes offline marketing can be very effective in the promotion of websites. To use it to your advantage, you need to understand the differences between online and offline media.

When a person is browsing the Internet, he or she typically has several websites open. There is a lot of competition and the competition is right there, either in the fomarketing-board-strategyrm of a link on a search engine page or in the form of an open tab right next to the window where your website is open.

The competition is much less of an issue when you are dealing with offline media. Often times your ad can be the only ad on a page. There will be no other ads next to it. Even if your ad is not the only one, the number of ads around it will be very limited, definitely much less than several pages of search engine results. At the same time, when placing an ad offline, you are paying for space and space is expensive while adding a page or two or ten to a website doesn’t cost much.

For this reason, you want to design your website in such a way that it does everything it has to do to tell a story about your organization and convert a visitor into a customer or a donor. You can use anything and everything, from long copy to long videos because it doesn’t cost you much to host long copy on your website.

The strategy will offline ads should be different. You want to grab attention, tell enough to sustain attention and drive people to your website, where you can tell a much longer story much more effectively at a fraction of a cost compared to what you can do with a print ad in a prestigious publication.