How to Analyze A Website Redesign Project

Completion of a site map for a redesign project is very similar to the creation of a sitemap for a new website.

You want to use boxes, symbols, and lines to draw on a large piece of paper what is happening with the website. In a redesign project, you don’t have to identify evwebsite-redesignery single detail because many of the details may be missing and many parts of the web site may be connected in an erroneous way.

The goal of creating a site map for an existing website is to identify current information structure of the website. Once you can see what is going on and can spot the problems, you can get to the creation a new sitemap.

However, prior to doing so you should get together with the client and discuss the old sitemap and your ideas for the new one. You also want to use a website like to check the existing website for vulnerabilities.

Ask the client what he or she likes and doesn’t like about the website in its current form. This will give you a better idea of what the client is trying to accomplish with the new website. Find the root of the problem and establish whether it’s the outdated or incomplete architecture of the existing website or the issue lies with content and the content needs revisiting. It is also possible that both of these elements are fine and the client just wants to get a website with a more modern look or add new features and technology, for example, more video.

In any case, go over the content of the website with the client and identify whether the content should be removed, left intact, expanded or updated. If you are making substantial changes to the content, you will most likely need to change the architecture of the website, too, even if the current architecture seems to be working just fine.