The Internet is a unique communication medium. It is very different from everything else humans use to communicate, be it TV, phone, radio or newspapers.

People interact with their computers and the Internet differently than they do with other media. They click on links and buttons, navigate their pointing devices to drop-down menus, fill out forms, and interact with website elements and other humans via chats and forums.

For all these reasons, you shouldn’t simply copy other media and transfer them to the Internet. This would mean ignoring advantages of the web technology. For example, designing a website that will function like a newspaper without any additional features is a true waste of the capabilities of the Internet.48

As a web designer, you will need to think about the design, the ways the visitors will be interacting with the website and the ways to maximize engagement and present content in a logical and organized manner.

This website will teach you how to do all these things and more. You will learn what you need to do when you are getting started working with new web design client. You will know what questions you should be asking and why you should be asking them.

The site contains articles that talk about creating websites from scratch. It also has articles that will explain how you should approach website re-design projects and why you are likely to have more re-design clients than clients who will want a new website from scratch. You will also learn about the importance of sitemaps, wireframes and website marketing.